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A4 Sounds Gallery

13th - 30th MAY


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Exhibition Kit

Our exhibition kit is designed to accompany your in-person or digital visit to the exhibition. It contains the QUEER UTOPIA zine documenting the collaborative process of the work and the stories behind each object, as well a beautiful notebook and pencil so you can design your own object to bring to the QUEER UTOPIA, as well as a bonus badge and sticker!


A4 Sounds

St Joseph’s Parade

Off Upper Dorset St

Dublin 1


QUEER UTOPIA GALLERY VISIT | 13th – 30th May 2021

Booking Required

Dates & Times:

Thur 13th May | 2pm – 6pm

Social distancing measures and your safety:

To ensure the health and safety of visitors to the gallery, our viewing will limit visitors to 1 booking at a time, with a maximum of 3 persons from one group to view the installation. Further information can be read on our booking form and will be emailed to you prior to your visit. We encourage folks who are able, to walk or cycle to the gallery.

General Hours:

Tue – Fri | 12pm – 7pm
Sat | 12pm – 6pm
Sun | 12pm – 5pm
Mon | Closed

For any further inquiries or to arrange a visit please email 

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